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  1. Hi Keith, I’ve just moved into New Brighton and have been learning the English concertina for a while. I’d be interested in getting together with other players. Have you got a group running now? Cheers, Peter.
  2. Interestingly it was taken off sale not long after I sent this mail and got this reply . Note he offers to have it brought to me - Phishing for an address? I don't think I'll be following this up! (QUOTE) Hi and thanks for the email.The concertina is like new. The buy it now price including shipping is £2,000 (delivered anywhere in UK). I will get somebody to bring it to you if you decide to buy it but we have to close the deal through eBay, inspection period prior buying it along with a refund policy will be included in the sale terms. Let me know if you want details on how to complete the sale.It's located in Aberdeen From: peterwhennessey@hotmail.com To: MichaelAtkins1966@hotmail.com Subject: Concertina Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 09:55:02 +0100 Hi Michael, As requested I am contacting you regarding this concertina. Can you give me more details about the instrument please? What is your view on it's value? You must be aware that £9.99 is a ridiculously low starting price for this item, even if it needs some work doing on it, which the photo suggests it won't need much. How long have you had it , and what is it's history? Do you know how old it is? Thanks, Peter H. (UNQUOTE)
  3. Auction ended early-- In my ignorance I thought eight sided Wheatstones were all Aeolas- is this not the case? Peter H
  4. Oops- sorry for the double posting- too impatient with my button clicking!
  5. Sorry for the double posting- too impatient with my button clicking!
  6. An Aeola for £9.99? Is it a scam? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item33764c0320 I mailed him for details ----
  7. An Aeola for £9.99? Is it a scam? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item33764c0320 I mailed him for details ----
  8. As above, please let me know what value you put on this delightful instrument. I am looking for another 'tina but had not thought of a piccolo till I saw this!

  9. Hi All, I rather fancy this 64 key Aeola 29692 I've seen for sale and wondered if anyone knows anything about it? It looks like it has been heavily used, and the left end is rather badly cracked with at least one key wonky. Asking price is £3295. It's in the ledgers here http://www.horniman....ES/D1P1880S.HTM on May 11th 1923. Very sparse entry, would it be a tenor/treble or something else? Hopefully will get to see and handle it soon. Would this be a fair price in this condition? I suspect a refurb would cost getting on for a Grand? Regards, Peter H.
  10. PwH

    Hello, did you get my mail re the Salvation Army Tutor? Regards, PwH.

  11. Yes, it was. And very nice they look too. Haven't had a repolish on the ends or anything, still the original 'patina' - or is that years of abuse and neglect? Haven't quite decided yet !!
  12. Well, just a bit of an update, my box is now working well and sounds grand. Have to confess I bottled out of doing it myself and gave it to a man I met in a pub to sort out. (One Pete Grassby from Coventry). He has done a really nice job, had the bellows done by a chap in Wales and sorted the rest himself including swapping one of the reed pans for a spare from a scrap machine. Gave me a years guarantee on the work including any settling in and tuning issues. I am very happy with his work and would happily recommend him. Now all I have to do is learn to play.! I am about half way through Frank Butlers 'The Concertina' as I write and boning up on a few carols as well. Might even play in public sometime next year :-) Merry Christmas everybody !
  13. Hi All, Having had a look round some of the forums here I've been encouraged to try and fettle this one myself. I've managed to get the actions going pretty well by resetting a few lever posts and reglueing some pads. I even managed to refelt one of the button/lever joints- However I can't get the reed pans to seal properly and on inspection they are both shrunken in size by up to 1mm and warped across the grain by some 5 mm or so . Is there anything I can do about this, or is it a terminal condition? I've thought about resetting the bellows blocks and building up the ribs to fit , or trying to straighten the pans with moisture and a press but am afraid to try such radical measures without some expert advice. All help gratefully received . Thanks, PwH.
  14. By the sound of things I must have just beaten you to it, by about 5 yrs! lucky me!
  15. And a couple more, strangely some of the reeds are mounted in brass and the rest in steel. Why is this?
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