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  1. Dan, I am also doing an anglo concertina workshop at the National Folk Festival. I always try to get the anglo players together to share what they are learning, explore a tune, ornaments, stories, etc etc. I look forward to meeting you there. I also help to run the NAriel Folk Festival each year and woudl be happy to help you make some contacts while you are here in Australia. Feel free to contact me. Cheers Jamie Molloy
  2. Aogan My name is Jamie Molloy. I live about 4.5 hours north east of Melbourne and play a bit of concertina on a Suttner. there is a a small but very dedicated group of concertina players in Australia. Ruth Boylan knows all about us as she was here last year and gave a master class at a Irish Music Festival to 8 of us from around the country side. I figure you could probably get at least four students in Melbourne that I know of (some already well on the way) with others like myself prepared to travel to get tuition on a less regular basis. Also Michael Rooney has met a few of us and can give you his version of how things are here. Also Maura Wlash from Lixnaw in Kerry has been out hereI would be very happy to help you out in any way i can to get you here, with contacts etc. I'll try to get your phone number and wil give you a call soon. Am just over in NZ at the moment so it might be a couple of weeks. Cheers. Jamie.
  3. Pam Many thanks for letting me know. Will chase it up today.... Kindest regards, Jamie
  4. Wow. Thanks everyone for the replies. I shall certainly be following up on the contacts for the felt so many thanks for them. The question of reaming is an interesting one (and Chris, the podgy stick sounds a bit scary).I think I might just get someone with more experience to do this job now. Thanks again. Jamie
  5. Hi there. I am still looking for a Jeffries or Wheatstone 36-40 odd key Anglo in CG. I have ordered a 39 key Suttner and am on the waiting list which is currently four years. In the meantime I want to get something else with similar number of buttons and with the same sort of button layout(jeffries) etc....I am prepared to hire/loan/borrow/buy/(beg on my knees if absolutely necessary). I am prepared to pay a reasonable price and would be prepared to hire one for the four year period to get me through if someone didn't want to part with their concertina permanently. I have mentioned before in this forum that there must be a few of these concertinas sitting around on shelves not getting played. So this is a direct appeal to those who have that second or third unplayed concertina, or who might know someone who bought one and never got past week three.....Thanks in advance. By the way, I am in Australia and am prepared to pay postage insurance etc. Jamie
  6. I have a lachenal 31 key C/G anglo with the sticker saying it was made by "Thomas Dawkins & Co" of 7 Charterhouse St London. I am interested in finding out more about this fellow and to get any ideas about opinions about his concertinas. Any one got any history here? This one is made about 1895 if the number calculation is correct. The number of the concertina is 90499 which dates to 1926 using Merediths method (as outlined on Concertina.net). Anyway I am interested in any history about this block if anyones knowns anything. Ta......
  7. I am interested in learning more about the flets used for bushing concertinas. I have an old Lachenal and am considering bushing the buttons myself. The buttons were not originally bushed in the end plate but they are very clacky so I have been advised to consider bushing the end plate by boring out the button holes a little. I have no idea about what sort of felt to use nor where to get it from. I amd interested in the different types of felt used for different jobs as I have heard some are good and some not so good. I am probably looking for some very thin (<0.5-1mm thick) felt in red probably. Can anyone help here? Can anyone advise of sources of good quality felt. THanks in advance. Molloyj
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