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  1. Right! I appreciated having the use of AI pointed out. It immediately became clear to me why the copy read as it did ... and I began to see this language everywhere including in descriptions on Amazon. When AI isn't scary, it's amusing.
  2. I got my feet wet in concertina-ville with a Wheatstone McCann duet 67-key aeola. A great instrument, indeed. The only limitation I felt was my own need for more practice. Having recently become enamored of Edward Jay's bandotinas, I've ordered one knowing I'd have to learn the Hayden system. To do so, I purchased an Elise in January of this year. It took only a couple of days before I was phoning Concertina Connection to ask what was wrong with the instrument. Well, in short, nothing wrong that a very expensive re-incarnation as a higher end instrument couldn't cure. So, I continue on the Elise and while grateful to be moving through the expected learning curve I am anxiously looking forward to better times on a better instrument. I was heartened a couple days ago by watching the opening two videos of a new youtube tutorial series for the Elise mentioned in the Teaching and Learning forum here. I suggest you check out these videos as the instructor does not shy away from acknowledging the Elise's limitations but does his best to help you get your best out of the instrument.
  3. I am interested in the 81 and 84 button Aeolas. Details?
  4. From Facebook for Sociedad Boliviana de la Concertina: Sociedad boliviana de la concertina Pueden solicitar el método directamente con el profesor Chura. Al cel. 70187764
  5. Being bothered is a librarian's reason for being. Good for you, Leah.
  6. As an aside, I have to say, Comac Begley never fails to astound!
  7. GM, thanks for posting to this thread. Your performances are always well done, varied, interesting, and, not least, educational. I am also grateful because this thread enabled me to locate the Juliette Daum performance of the famous Bach Chaconne in D minor. This chaconne is the alpha and omega of Western music. I have many recordings of this work in many arrangements, the silliest being a Doc Severinsen excerpt for trumpet ... and the most divine a 1970's LP of Kyung Wha Chung performing the entire Partita #2. Now I have this arrangement for English concertina. There is no way to disagree with Wolf's assessment (just preceding your post) of the recording but, nevertheless, it is always a delight to hear the intricacies of Bach counterpoint regardless of the deficiencies or enhancements of a given instrument or ensemble. The same may be said for your performance of BWV 1013. Though the piece consists only a horizontal melody on the surface, there are yet multiple voices that create a harmonically rich experience. Thanks.
  8. That old bugbear, misattribution, strikes again! Maybe I don't have as many synapses left as I thought. My apologies David. And thanks for the Hayden transcription which, after I get an easier version into my fingers, I'll definitely and with pleasure learn to play. Yes, I went through ProfRat's YouTube library. Wonder if he's thought about creating a mechanized, remotely-controlled concertina? Happy New Year!
  9. Can't thank you all enough! Dm it is! Thanks for sharing The Session scores and thanks to Don Taylor for his version Danny Chapman's video (which introduced me to a true button meister with whom I wasn't familiar). I think Don Taylor's transposed version just above will be the thing to start with. Łukasz is right, of course, that his substituted note doesn't sound right (defeats the sweetest angst note in the piece). Łukasz, it's good that I didn't read your 2022 comments about the shortcomings of the Elise until this morning because it might have kept me from buying one. Despite the missing notes, I'm confident this instrument will teach me the necessaries of the Hayden system. It may also force me to get serious about transposing tunes myself ... late in the day for me but I do still have some unused synapses ... somewhere ... I think ...
  10. Łukasz, I watched the YouTube Roslin Castle on your homemade duet (sounded GREAT!), but didn't find a rendition on Elise. Thanks.
  11. Lacking offers of a used instrument, I bought myself a Christmas present (how many indulgences will Christmas cover this year?) of a new Elise. First day I'm at it (today) I find I'm missing the all important D# needed to play Roslin Castle. Can I just vocalize the D#? Where is Cleo Lane with I need her? Hmm ... more buttons, more money. I'll reluctantly learn to restrict the music to do-able bounds on the Elise. Roslin Castle will have to live only on my Maccann until next year when the bandotina makes its way to my front porch.
  12. NFI ... you might try Discogs for the LP ...
  13. Not to unnecessarily draw this thread out (which has morphed into something other than a Want Ad) but I have to report that I've finally found a use for my old iPad: This mimics left and right hand button boards using Musix Pro on both machines. Still a long way from a genuine button box, but, it will get me started. Thanks, again, for all for your suggestions.
  14. Thanks, everyone. I've now pretty much gotten myself oriented on the ipad and iphone versions of what I'm after. I appreciate your help. I will, however, keep my eyes peeled for an inexpensive something with a bellows, likely a used Elise ... Thanks, again. -- Joe Bartl
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I've downloaded both apps on my ipad and iphone. The MusixPro will take some effort to figure out. On both of the apps, I have to see if I can adjust the orientation of the buttons (right and left for treble and bass; and vertical for scales). In any case, these give me something to work with. The striso looks like fun but requires a larger layout of funds ... Thanks, again. Joe Bartl
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