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  1. I am a retired guy living mid-way between Washington, DC and Baltimore. I share my quarters with a recently acquired 67 button Maccann duet. I've been giving myself lessons from the Rutterford method. While this is good as far as it goes (and I'm not far into it), there are questions I have that a couple/three/four sessions with a teacher/player might clarify. Is there a teacher/player in my area who I can contact? Thanks for your help! -- Joe Bartl
  2. Great to hear that the concertina has come of age -- our age, that is! Concertina music in a mature contemporary narrative idiom, this takes you on a short journey and resolves conflicts in a warm, almost nostalgic space. Bravo!
  3. Joined last week when I started looking for Regondi scores! The site seems to have lots to offer. I'll have to find time to explore!
  4. Thanks for finishing this. Beautiful, start to finish. More beautiful with multiple hearings. I hope you'll go slightly mad over new projects to come. I enjoyed the contrasting versions you provided. They are so different (dynamically) that I suggest different titles are needed: For the first, as you have it, "The Light in the Darkness"; for the second (churchy), "The Darkness in the Light." Thanks, again!
  5. If still available, I'd be happy to send $10 for shipping. Thanks.
  6. I am a newbie with a Wheatstone Maccann duet. I've started this journey with Rutterford. By the time I completed the 6th exercise, I was beginning to feel comfortable with the fingers being more or less attached to specific rows of buttons. But then in exercise 7, "Preliminary exercises for the independent working of each hand" suddenly the fingers were no longer attached to a specific row, but shift: for instance, left hand finger 4 playing a bass clef "C" and then shifting to finger 3 for the "G" in the same row of buttons. I was disappointed at having to do this, but, like the good Borg I am, I will adapt!
  7. I'm days away from age 71. I've just taken up concertina (Maccann duet) and bandoneĆ³n and guitar. I am hoping that by age 90 I'll find the time to add arch-lute and pipe organ to my schedule. But until then, I anticipate no problems asking questions here ... or anywhere else. Musicians are kind. Good luck!
  8. After listening on Spotify I've ordered both CDs. This is Great Stuff! Thanks! Wish I were in Ireland to catch the show.
  9. Very affecting musically and visually. I appreciated the fact that it ends with bare bones instead of a starry sky. Thanks!
  10. Really enjoyed this. I hope you continue to add third part, and a forth, etc...... At some points it sounded like a dream about a medieval Philip Glass. Really, more!
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe ... in the dead of winter ... when the garden and the house are no longer beckoning for my attention ... and ice sheets the ground so that the dogs would rather stay inside ... I might find the time for such a project. Lots of great recordings here!
  12. Thanks, of course, for this wonderful resource. Selections seem to be playable one-at-a-time as you click each link. Is there any way to download these and place them on a disc so that multiple pieces may be listened to without the need to sit at one's computer?
  13. Alan Day, sorry to have to ask, but where on this site is this music? Thanks for your help. Joe Bartl
  14. Thanks, everyone. Thanks to Mr. Yagi and Mr. Crossland, County Clare is on now its way to Adamstown, MD. And thanks, JimR, for the alert to Gary Coover's videos -- lots to listen to and enjoy! Would be nice if he were playing a Maccann duet instead of an Anglo. I have to say that as I've gotten deeper and deeper into the Br'ar rabbit of Concertinatopia, it seems that the most popular instrument is an Anglo ... more books, more recordings, more players. I could be wrong about this as I haven't explored the German or Italian neighborhoods yet. Joe Bartl
  15. Takayuki YAGI, I would love to buy the 6-CD Clare set as well as "Masters of the Concertina" but in order to checkout you have to login to your account. When I try to establish an account I always end up getting a "403" error: "cannot connect to this site on this server". Any solutioon to offer?
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