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  1. Hi just found your post, stating that you are new to the concertina, that was in 2018. You must be a pro by now. I am just a beginner with the instrument, but have been playing tunes by ear for a few years. Just decided that I want to learn to read music and so signed up for a course on line by Jack Tally. I am moving to Veneta, not far from Eugene end of July. Played the accordion, button box also by ear and used to run a German restaurant with my late husband and we were so much into music, used to have a bunch of musicians coming there. Would like to connect again with similar folk in Oregon. Just to make friends and have fun. I also like to bake and I am a dog person. Would love to hear from someone in the Eugene, Veneta area.
  2. I get a stiff neck from long hours of sitting in a chair and practicing. If I stand up i don’t have a good grip on the concertina. What would help?
  3. I am anticipating a move to Veneta Oregon I have been learning the 30 button anglo for about 3 years . It is slow going because I play mostly by ear and most tunes are not in my head so finally am learning to read notes so that I can figure out new tunes with the help of utube. I can play a button box accordion also but switched to concertina because it is lighter. would love to connect with someone of similar interests .
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