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  1. Oh OK that's good to know. It's all I just got it and kinda hesadent to go tearing into it. The one sticky key does seem to have a issue of its own. I don't think it's the mesh. It's quiet till you pull rather hard.
  2. Hi there, thought id introduce my self, (i looked for a hello section i might of missed it ) Ive been interested in this instrument for some time now. This year has already been full of wacky changes and new things so I thought its a theme and id add 1 more to the list. So I looked around and got a 30 key Anglo Its just a Rochelle CC in C/G but from what ive read its a budget place to start. The guy I got it from said it was made in 2008. Its got a kink to work out, but all together playable. I WILL devote the time to learning this. I used to play the clarinet so I have a decent memory when it comes to remembering key location, and finger dexterity. Aha and thoes lovley bellows to do the blowing, my embouchure was never the best. I intend to utalise the Online Academy Of Irish Music. I am curious if there are any of you from the good ol state of Oregon. Mainly the Eugene area. Id love to jam and pick your brains about playing. Im a local bread baker so I can bring treats! Any who ill be more active in the learning section more than anywhere else, on the account i'm real basic and don't know nothing really about older makes and makers. But one day ill probily make the jump to a more serious model. Probilly stick with Anglo. On a side note my dad is a Accordion player so this kinda a thing is not a "stretch" for my family HA HA. thanks and look foward to yacking, playing, and lerning with ya all.
  3. Hi there. Im new to this insturment, but sigh.. i allready have a service question. I got a Rochelle just to start with. It loos to me like a previous owner stuck his finger through the mesh inside the side cutouts. the mesh seems to be interfering with the action of the B/C and D#/C# keys. the pads not being able to rise up smoothly Was wondering if would be easy to take the side off and push the mesh back up and lue it back in place. I do hope there is not anything else off about those keys. but the rest of it seems to work fine. keys are responsive bellows pump fine. just those 2. Any advice would be great. thanks .
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