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  1. Zero interest, guess it's time for ebay. I would have gone lower.. oh well somebody missed out. Maybe it's because I live in the US
  2. Price is $200 plus shipping. If that's too much, tell me how much lower to go. No love for a Rochelle?
  3. Sale now pending. Somebody got a good deal.
  4. I don't think this year, but since I now have a concertina AND Melodeon, it's a shame not to get to see other players and enjoy listening and playing.
  5. Hi- The sale of this book is pending payment. Thank you. Steve
  6. When I first saw that many harmonica players, I was sure it was going to be a mess. It actually sounded pretty clean. Sorry I didn't respond to your question.
  7. Old stuff for you maybe... Nice to learn from another instrument like the melodeon.
  8. The most recent couple of versions of Windows Media Player slow down without pitch change too. View, Enhancements, Play speed settings. Free download "Audacity" also does it AFAIK. Tom Close to my solution, I ripped them to mp3 with Nero, now play them back 1/2 speed with MP. Like night and day, they were recorded at speed, way too fast for instruction. At 1/2 it is managable to learn from. Amazing slow downer os awesome, but a $50 investment for the full and more useful version.
  9. Honestly for a complete beginner I would say the Williams DVD so they get to imitate the posture etc. Later it doesn't matter so much, and may decide to change how they hold it anyway. But if giving to a child for example, a visual reference can help
  10. I have been using it on and off, and like it. It's also great for an "unindexed reference" for triplets, runs and variations. Mr. Lynch is a fierce player, but I haven't used the cd as much as would have liked to, as I keep the book in the shed, where there's no power for the portable cd player I don't have..... Is there a slower version or just up tempo?
  11. I believe it is best that it's all by ear. It's pretty good, I'll listen to some of the samples and practice them.
  12. I missed the 28b Jones on ebay, so I ordered this to console myself... 110 Concertina Tunes and the CD.. Any thoughts? Seems great, I really need to hear a tune to make it sound right, and the player on the CD seems very good.
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