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  1. Thanks so much, this is incredibly helpful, exactly what I need!
  2. I should add: I’m using a C/G, 20-button Anglo concertina. I suspect the answer to my question is “learn music theory” but welcome any and all advice!
  3. Started playing the concertina a few weeks ago and I’ve quickly become obsessed with it. I’ve learned a couple songs specifically for the concertina that use chords, harmonies and/or bass and really love how rich and full the songs sound. I also often just look up random piano or tin whistle sheet music for session songs I like. I’m wondering if there are any tips or “tricks” to add depth to music that’s not originally written for the concertina. For example, I’ve been using the linked music to play Britches Full of Stitches. Is there an “easy” way for me to enhance this for the concertina by adding harmonies, chords or beats using the low notes on the left hand side? https://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=users.wpi.edu/~sullivan/IrishWebPages/Foinn Seisiun Book 1/FoinnBook-1/0100
  4. I’m sure this is a long shot since this is an old post (and a big ask), but any chance you can share the music for the version you played? Just the individual notes written out for each side would be immensely helpful. Absolutely love how your version sounds, very new to the instrument and no way I can break down all the notes on my own at this point.
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