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  1. I just recently received my first concertina, a Stagi 30 button. When I first tried it, I realized that it opened by itself more than what I would have hoped so. It plays in tune and has a great sound but, I find that a lot of air is required to play some notes, especially the lowest and the highest notes. I have analyzed the bellow and it is undamaged. Is there a way for me to check if it is natural or if needs a repair? I have noticed that when I stop playing and I am ready to compress it ( by pressing the air valve) to close it, it remains squeezed and then relaxes by letting air in, is this normal? Here were I am from, the instrument is unheard of, should I contact an accordion luthier and ask for help?
  2. How many buttons does it have? If it has 30 I am intrested, if you want to contact me please send me an Email to facupb2003@gmail.com. Thanks and I hope we can have a deal.
  3. I am not from the US, I have a friend there and I have asked him to bring me a concertina. I have talked to concertina connection and they have none till august. I am desperate to find one and importing one from other country is expensive. I have a small budget, if anyone knows about a good deal or has anyone intrested in selling one, please contact me. I am mainly looking for something like a Rochelle 2 or Wren.
  4. Thanks to everyone for the help, I will try to convince to bring it in a carry on bag in cabin, but I doubt he will be able to do me the favor. I apreciate the attention and will post when I finally get the instrument.
  5. I have finally got the opportunity to buy a concertina, I will ship it to a family member that will them bring it to my country. I will be buying a Wren 2 Concertina. I have told him that the instrument comes with a hard case but it would be good if he could put it inside a hard case suitcase and in the middle, sorrounded by clothes. He will not be carrying the instrument with him, it will be in the cargo compartment. Should I take any action like telling him to put a tape in the AIR button so the concertina can breathe in and out the air as the pressure changes?. Has anyone had a similar experience? if so, has the concertina worked properly? Should I take any other measures or will the instrument be fine?
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