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  1. Thank you all for your replies and advice. I was so lucky to find an accordian technician in the neighbourhood of Ghent. It turned out to be a spring that was not well fixed. With the luxury of an expert close to my home I do not know if I will become good at mechanics.... but the links are indeed very interesting and clarifying.
  2. Thank you, yes that was exactly the problem. It was solved for me by an accordian technician. I was so lucky to find someone only a few kilometers from where I live. Now the fun can begin!😊
  3. Thank you for your help. I will certainly keep him in mind in case there is not someone closer to Ghent.
  4. I am looking for someone near Ghent, Belgium (or the Netherlands) who can check up and adjust my new Stagi A18. It comes straight from the builder Brunner in Italy. At least one of the buttons does not come back after pushing. Thank you for your suggestions.
  5. Finally after 12 weeks (instead of the promised 4 or less) I received my Stagi from Brunner Musica Recanati Italy. Very poor communication from Brunner during this time and also promisses of delivery that turned out to be fake. I even asked my money back; no response. And yes, the instrument needs to be checked; at least one button does not work properly and does not come back after pushing it. A lot of annoyance ☚ī¸.
  6. OK, thank you, I remain optimistic. Nice to hear that you are nevertheless positive about the Stagi. To be continued.....
  7. Hello, at the moment I also have delivery problems with Stagi, Italy. Delivery time would be 4 weeks or less. I prepaid the full amount and have been waiting for 8 weeks now and they just do not answer my mails. I am getting a little worried.....
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