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  1. Happy new year everyone !! The trade option is off ;-) Drop of price to 400 euros + shipping. A bargain as it is professionally restored (check thereedlounge.com to see where it is coming from). Best !
  2. Thanks Don, this is good advertising for thereedlounge :-) Playing with someone in the family would be a dream ! But I am the only one playing an instrument :-/ (And I have a big family) Yes I really like the sound of my Lachenal ! Again, I don't have time to play. And I don't like to have a good instrument in the drawer (I am not a collector). This also happen with guitar ! I sold my favorite guitar (a Martin) and kept my old cheaper guitar. And I still have fun and don’t really care if a children run into it ;-) Concerning the Stagi sound,I can't tell as I didn't really try them. From video, I like the sound of B1 and not the C range too much. I like the german concertina sound but difficult to find (Silvetta stopped business...) and don’t trust those old Scholer without trying them.
  3. Hello Mr.Nate, I personally don’t’ mind sending to US but I am afraid I'll have to pay huge taxes receiving yours :-/ But you would still end up with a 20 buttons concertina Pm coming up
  4. ha ha yes wolf ! I like those long below concertina for slow and longer note. I just have time to have fun and not learn the instrument the proper way. Thanks CaryK, sound great but in Belgium, custom is lots of $$ when coming from US ! I can add half the price of the instrument :-(
  5. Thank Wolf, I was expecting this kind of reaction The problem is really I don't have time and guitar is my first instrument... I wanted to invest myself in concertina but that will be for another life. If I want a concertina laying around just for 2 hours/month of fun, I prefer to be a Stagi
  6. I finally decide to sell my Lachenal, I definitely don't have time (family taking over) and feel bad to see it out of the drawer 2 hours a month. It is professionally restored and bought from thereedlounge a few month ago. Steel reeds, bone buttons, 5 folds, sweet tone, Lachenal case. Here is a video to have an idea (complete beginner and smartphone recorder): https://youtu.be/zE2I30MRc3Y [The trade option is off :-)] I sell it for 450 euros 400 euros + shipping. I live in Belgium. Best Nicolas
  7. Yes I know that shop, but they don't have Stagi or similar. Too bad. Best
  8. ok I get what you mean, thanks ! Again the only conclusion is to try before buying... Which is practically impossible here in Belgium as no music shop carry concertina :-/
  9. Thank you wolf but you are answering the question "Should I buy a baro or not" :-) My question is who is the manufacturer of Baro I have a Lachenal which I like and I had a Rochelle which I also liked but not that much. At the end, I am just frustrated how short is the below on those concertina ( I don't want to play fast irish stuff but longer note). I am now looking for a cheap concertina with those long below to play slow stuff. Chinese is to be avoid, but I kind of like those Stagi which is not soo bad as I read around the net (except for the purist of course). But if Baro is Stagi then I could also look for one...
  10. Hello, Anybody know who is the manufacturer of Baro concertina ? You can see some here : http://www.musikhaus-hoppe.com/concertina.htm It just look exactly the same as Stagi so I assume that Sagi is the manufacturer (and the name remind me of Bastari :-) And if it is Stagi, why do they create another name !? This is confusing Best !
  11. Hey m3838, I though it wasn't possible to fix chinese concertina lol But that's good then, 50% of a cheap price is still cheap at the end.
  12. If you other youtube video of her, you will see "Sunrise" marking on the box ;-)
  13. Thank you Wolf, my concertina has been professionally restored and has a very good airtight ! On the tune above, she is playing double notes all along (which sound so nice to my hear), and some are are very looooong. That takes lots of air.... But yes I could manage to have it down with the double note on my 5 fold concertina. Very fun to play ;-) (Just 1 or 2 changes with 1 note on other below direction)
  14. Thank you for your reaction :-) @M3838, that is a strong point I was not aware off. So I would say only buy a chinese concertina from someone you know ;-) Ok you got me and I won't buy one without trying....I was going to ! You are right, my Lachenal is a low end with 5 fold but very well restored ! I persevered and finally could get the tune down, so happy :-) I did need to do some changes like instead of playing 2 notes on one direction, I play 1 note in the other. Just to keep the tune flowing. @d.elliott: The sunrise concertina is made in china ;-) You are probably right too but I won't a chance to buy a bad one ;-) I still like the sound of that chinese concertina ! :-)
  15. Hello everyone, On this forum, I always read “stay away from Chinese concertina”… Then I stumble upon this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXJBuYxvZmU , I like it a lot ! And I have a Lachenal (which is said better) but I cannot play that tune, running out of air Look how long the below is on that Chinese concertina The sound is also pretty good for this style of music. My conclusion is that Chinese model can be a good choice… All depend on what you want to do ! I agree Irish tune won’t do it, but slow tune like this one above sound pretty nice with that warm and fuzzy sound. Some Chinese concertina might be better than other (Sunrise, Scarlatti, Steinbach…), I have no idea. So I say Chinese concertina does have some advantage That’s it ! J Nicolas
  16. Thank you Mjolnir and David ! I feel less lonely in this thread ha ha When buying my first concertina, this was the thread I was looking for...So I hope it can help future beginner. David Colpitts, I completely agree with your Elise description. I would add that the same fingering pattern in different key might also be frustrating as too few variation. For the Anglo, it is possible to find a different key on push/pull which will give a different feel/color to the tune ! Yes David Barnert, you are right ! I mentioned somewhere that it is possible to mimic the anglo with the push pull technique. But strangely enough, on all the duet videos I saw, nobody does that (of course probably not everyone's taste :-). Playing just on the right hand, applying this push/pull technique can give good result (and more fun). But playing on both hand...I don't know ! Probably depend on the style. My personal conclusion is: Both system are great but for 2 different kind of music ! Yes, the Elise is great for the price. And Duet concertina is fun and one can easily find the melody on the right hand. But playing with both hand is getting harder of course (Unless drone but can be a little boring).
  17. 4th impression : I feel I have more fun with the anglo ! The same tune (no ornamentation) on the Elise sound in 2D and 3D on an anglo... I guess it is the continuous push/pull that makes the tune so lively on the Anglo. So yes they are 2 different instruments. Anglo: The push/pull creates that dynamics (adding ornamentation is even greater). Elise: Adding the left side lower note is necessary (Drone, Polka, Waltz,...) to have fuller sound, but is less dynamic at the end. Both are great, clearly for 2 different style.
  18. To tell you the truth, I remember sending a message to the TheMusicRoomOnline on youtube, but have no idea where this message is and how I can check if answered lol
  19. Mmm I think your are somehow right. Still strange that the video of Chantal Noppen demonstrating the Jackie is still online and uploaded by a user named TheMusicRoomOnline :-) And that channel does have lot's of videos... But the demonstration of Jack concertina is missing...why !!!!??????
  20. Thank you ceemonster, I feel less lonely now :-) Nice tune there, would love to hear the concertina version... I send a message to concertina connection via youtube but no answer yet :-/ I'll try via concertina connection site... Yes, it's a real mystery why those videos just vanished. Best
  21. Thanks Alex, yes same channel, good idea I should start from there :-) Meanwhile, if someone had the chance to download it, I would greatly appreciate if they can send it to me (even as mp3) :-) Best
  22. Hello everyone ! I remember seeing a video on youtube of Chantal Noppen demonstrating the Jack Baritone Concertina... It was this link I believe : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALqNzEDCKnE&fmt=18 But it just vanished now !! And no trace at all on internet. I really liked this tune and her interpretation. Anyone knows what tune it was ? Or have download it and can send it to me ? Thank you for your help !! Nicolas
  23. Third impression: Really love the Hayden Duet system :-) Also I choose the left hand to work the below, it greatly improve the right hand which is doing more "complex" stuff (spider :-). Also I think this Duet is more relaxing (vs push/pull on Anglo). So I choose the Duet over the Anglo, sorry for Anglo aficionado ;-) The Elise probably does not have the best sound/action but it still pretty much doing the job and its lots of fun ! Maybe in a few years, we'll find a medium range Hayden system. Nicolas
  24. Concerning my question "Wondering for the duet: Should the push/pull done with the right hand or left hand like a diatonic accordion ?", Never mind, from the youtube video in initial post, I see the left hand is the chosen one :-) So i'll go with that. You are right rebus ! That is the main problem with the Hayden duet. Eventually the Elise can be tuned up with new buttons, new reeds, new bellow...
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