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  1. Anglo Concertina, Guens-Wakker, G/C, Treble model, 30 button, Rosewood ends, Wheatstone layout, dome buttons, accordion reeds, riveted action, quiet, smooth and fast, excellent playing condition. Nice traditional sound and tone. Purchased 2002 from Wim Wakker, recently serviced by Harry Guens, case included. Price €2,500 Euros. Photos on Done Deal: https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/anglo-g-c-concertina/11024071 Ships from Ireland. Contact James +353 (0) 71-917-6398
  2. It was a good one, Susi. I would highly recommend it for next year. The dates will be April 1-3, 2016. This was the second year and I can imagine it will continue to grow. There were 14 teachers, two adult classes (lots of children learning to play!). I had Mary MacNamara, a wonderful teacher and musician. The workshop was 3 hours across 2 days. Came home with plenty of homework! She taught us 2 reels, 'Kiss Me Kate' and 'Patrick's Night'. She spent a lot of time teaching us how to play with rhythm. Also went over rolls and cuts. I had a time of it trying to keep up with the class, but will happily spend the next few months going over my notes and recording. The concerts were great. We heard a lot of wonderful music. Very inspiring! There were sessions at night, too. Ennis is a lovely town (as you know) and we really enjoyed walking around and finding places for lunch. It was also great to try out a variety of concertinas from the 3 makers that were there. Kind of noisy at times, but it was possible to stop in when the room was less crowded and have a go. Jose Claro was very nice and his concertinas were great. He doesn't advertise or even have a website. So it was lucky for me to meet him. I'm playing a Genus/Wakker at present, which is fine in many respects. It's very easy to play. The action is very smooth. But it's loud and the accordion reeds give a different sound. The mini ebony is mellow and the high notes are less piercing to my ears. Anyway, as I was playing it, tears came into my eyes, so it must be the right concertina for me!
  3. Thanks Susi. I am just back from a concertina weekend in Ennis called 'Consairtín, the National Concertina Convention'. A great weekend of concerts, workshops, sessions, etc. Actually I did visit Custy's and tried a concertina there. The fellow behind the counter was very nice and helpful. However, there was an expo at the festival -- 3 concertina makers showing their wares. I met Jose Claro and fell in love with a mini ebony. My name is on his list now, so that's me sorted!
  4. I am looking to try out a Wakker A1 Anglo concertina with the intention of ordering one if it feels right for me. Would anyone know of a contact here in Ireland where I could possibly try one out? Thanks for any help provided.
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