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  1. Thank you to all the quick posters!! Love listening to it before I try to tackle it myself! I may even be able to get this one to a speed that's appropriate (I loved working on last month's, but I didn't yet get it up to full speed... Having fun trying though!!).
  2. JulieK

    Tune Of The Month, April 2014: Zelda

    Thanks for the hints on the chording Here is my first attempt at recording... Please don't laugh, it's EXCEEDINGLY slow... But, as of last Saturday morning, I had never even touched a concertina, so I'm pretty proud of myself!! There's a couple of mistakes, and one brain cramp where I lost my mind for a half second... but all in all, not too bad for a first attempt I don't think... I'm planning to get it up to speed before the end of the month, and I think it will be fun to come back and listen to the first attempt https://soundcloud.com/julie-cassidy-kelley/zelda-take-1
  3. JulieK

    Tune Of The Month, April 2014: Zelda

    Hi all! This is a very beginner question... I've had my concertina for exactly one week today!! Yay! I purchased it at the Button Box in MA... I already read music, so really it's a matter of figuring out fingering and style... In the last week I've watched LOTS of videos (mostly the oaim ones) and can play 3 songs... I'm pretty proud of that!! So, I love Zelda and can play the melody (not nearly as fast as the ones I've heard so far) it's slow but recognizable... So, my question is, how do you decide on harmony notes to add in? I have no problem playing the written notes, but am unsure how to decide on the "other" things... I'm a middle school general music teacher and understand harmonies but have never played an instrument that leans so heavily on tradition and not so much on reading Trying to learn something new isn't easy, but it sure is fun I appreciate any guidance I might even record myself (if you all promise not to laugh