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    1927 64 Button Aeola For Sale

    This ad for a 64 button Wheatstone Aeola appeared in the online classifieds of a Salt Lake City, Utah television station. Since I have not seen it listed elsewhere I contacted the owner and asked if I might mention it here, to which he enthusiastically agreed. www.ksl.com/?nid=218&ad=38422538&cat=&lpid=&search=concertina&ad_cid=1
  2. Iron Box

    1927 64 Button Aeola For Sale

    Owner has listed this on Ebay and dropped the price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1927-Wheatstone-Aeola-English-Concertina-/111913410099?hash=item1a0e8f1e33:g:EeUAAOSwll1Wyh4O
  3. Iron Box

    Unusual Plaques On Aeola

    There are a couple of good photos here: thecanadasite.com/antiques/concertina.html
  4. I am invited to play at a Charles Dickens-themed event next month. There is no requirement of historical accuracy but I am curious what carols and Christmas music would have been played on concertina in Victorian times and in what settings. Were Christmas carols that we know now performed to different tunes then?
  5. Iron Box

    Charles Dickens Christmas Carols

    Thanks for the input! I'll see how many Christmas carols I can get in my head before December.