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  1. Hi Russell, I've been visiting the Concertina Connection web-site on and off for the past week and the "Jack" is I think pretty close to being a couple days old on the web-site. I saw the same e-bay listing as you and there also had been a listing for the "Jackie" that proceeded it by a day (I think). When I checked today, both listings were gone. They both had "buy it now" features for those auctions, so it's a good chance someone did! Hope that helps. Peggy in Michigan
  2. I play the music that you like plus some others. I also play both types of dulcimer and the mandolin. I have found the C/G to work very well for me. Thanks Helen and Henk for the info. The reason I put the question to the list was because the G/D tuning was recommended by someone who plays concertina with a group where the music is mostly "old timey". The reading I've done on the list shows that C/G is the most used (popular) tuning and his enthusiasm for G/D made me nervous. I will be placing an order with one of the U.S. concertina makers shortly and didn't want to make a HUGE mistake with the tuning. So it's C/G for me. By the way Helen, will you be going to the dulcimer fest up in Evart, Michigan this July? Peggy
  3. Hi, what tuning is it in? Peggy
  4. Hi Everyone, I've checked the archives and haven't found anything that would answer my question. So maybe someone on the list could point me in the right direction. I would like to buy an anglo concertina (30 button) to play mostly the folk songs of the Appalachian Mountains located in the U.S. Sometimes I may want to play with a group or just want to entertain myself. Which tuning would I want to get-- a C/G or G/D? I play the mountain dulcimer and the mandolin (taking lessons) and the music is usually in the keys of D, G, or C. Does it follow that I should get a concertina in the G/D tuning? My interest in music seems to be primarily folk (the Scots and Irish that settled into the Appalachian Mt. area). My mandolin teacher does not play the concertina and is not familar with the button set up and so is not much help. Thanks, Peggy
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