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david robertson

Exceptional 64-Key Aeola Tenor/treble

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In the 15 years or so since I started restoring concertinas, I have never seen a better one of these. When I bought it, it had spent about 40 years in a cupboard - but it must have been a cupboard that offered just the right environment, because the reeds were in spotless original condition, with absolutely no trace of rust.

Like a 56-key tenor/treble, it goes down to tenor C, but at the other end, it carries on up to top G. And throughout the range, it plays with fast response and even tone.

It has new pads, valves, dampers, bushings and straps. The woodwork has been stripped and re-finished, the bellows have had a cosmetic re-bind, and it is tuned to modern concert pitch.

The original tan leather case is in good condition, save for the missing lock strap, and the serial number is 29691.

As always, if you're within striking distance of Norwich, you're more than welcome to come and try it out, or if there's anything else you'd like to know, just send me a PM. I'm asking £3750.

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