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20 key Ward(lachenal) for swaps...


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hi ,

I´ve recently acquired a 20 key ward of liverpool..lachenal...anglo number 86000ish..circa 1900.Its in CG in old pitch, with lots of bellows holes...they´ve been thoughtfully retaped in insulating tape.The reeds all seem to soundish..but can´t undo a couple of end bolts to have a poke and fiddle....

steel reeds,mahogany ends, a couple of splits and the bellows are five fold by the way.

Basically it needs restoring!!

however,I´m only learning....the english concertina.So here goes, does anyone have a similar conditioned(i.e needing restoration)brass reeded english concertina they´d consider swapping for it......

best wishes from devonshire,


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