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Jazzy chords on English Concertina

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Additional information:

What I am doing here is going in a sequence (which is I - IV - VII - III - VI - II - V- I) within a scale but using altered chords. So sometimes there is a note outside the scale. Look at the pdfs where I give these sequences in all scales and in three different ways.

Practicing that means that you will get in your fingers a sequence which is often used in jazz or any melody. Especially the last bit of a sequence.

II - V -I -IV is an example of part of a sequence used in Autumn Leaves and many other tunes.

This is advanced work but will help people who know a bit about this and may help them to actually practice it on concertina.

So it is not just theory going round the cycle of fifths,

If you do not understand this it is best to learn some theory on chords first.

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