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Stephen Mills

500th Member

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Did you notice we gained our 500th (and 501st) member last (US) night. Tassie Devil, I believe. Sorry, no prizes that I know of. It seems like membership has been rocketing since January.


Another useless fact. Of 501 members, only 18 have achieved "chatty" status, although another 4 are close. These have contributed over half of our postings since the new forum began!


Welcome, Tassie and #501, Boru. Speak up, everyone.


Edited to add this comment: I see on clicking on the post by member #502, rfulton, that he is listed next to his comment as member #576. Where are the missing 74 members? Locked in the basement of the Button Box? The missing players in Ireland, somehow rendered incommunicado? At a party I wasn't invited to? Should there be an investigation?

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