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Lachenal 46-key Maccann Duet For Sale

Ivan Viehoff

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Lachenal 46-key Maccann Duet. In concert pitch. Bushed bone buttons in veneered wooden ends. Standard 46-key layout. Comes with a battered Wheatstone leather box, strap missing, and a few spare parts.


Fully restored by Mike Acott about 3 years ago, including new pads, new valves, new springs, tune-up, new straps, French polish of ends. Also had the key bushing retro-fitted by Mike. Ends have some old screwdriver slip damage that was too deep to sand out, and a chip in one corner. Original 6-fold bellows, with an old but effective repair of a split. One of the end-bolts is losing traction, ideally a new captive nut should be fitted.


I had the privilege of comparing this little concertina with some much more posh duets on the Algar stand at Witney once, and I think this tone of the concertina compares very well. The main difference, I would say, with the next level up is a better action. That is why I had the action improved somewhat by having it bushed. It is unusual to find a wooden ended 46-key Maccann with bushed buttons.

Looking for something in the region of £700. Instrument is located near Amersham, Bucks, but can be brought to central London, (Covent Garden).


For sale because I now have a 57-key and don't pick the small one up any more.




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