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Instrument insurance

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I have just woken up to the fact that my instrument insurance expires on 14th June. I have been insured with Musicians insurance services in the U.K.

I have not had the usual renewal reminder. Their phone number 01246 589709 is not available.

Their website quoting that phone number still seems to be active and I have used the online form to send a message.


Has anyone else had recent contact with them, or does anyone know if anything has happened to them?


Thank you.


John Wild


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Hi John,


I renewed our insurance with them and the credit card transaction went through on 15th May.


Hope you enjoyed SqueezeEast  on Sunday


Nick Oliver

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I've just had a call back from them. they say there has been a delay with the underwriters who are 4/5 days behind.

However, they have an agreement that any cover will be available for 14 days after the expiry date, in case tyhey do not catch up by the 14th.

There is a technical problem on the phone line which engineers are working on.


So I should be OK.

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