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McNeela Swan Anglo 30-button, Wheatstone layout, almost new

Lynn S.

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For Sale:  Almost-new McNeela Swan Anglo Concertina, 30 button, Wheatstone layout, C/G chromatic, leather bellows, Czech-made Swedish steel reeds, responsive buttons, very nice sound, includes nice storage box.  I've had it for eight months and it has had very little play time.  Retail $1,235 new, currently on sale at McNeela for $987, I'm asking $700.  I'm in the Annapolis, MD (US) area so you can get it in person if you're nearby.  Otherwise, I have lots of bubble wrap to ship it.


(If you're asking why I'm selling an almost-new instrument, I bought another one I like better.)

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Hi Lynn,


I would like to buy a concertina as a gift for my husband, and the Swan is one of the models I am considering. Could I ask what you did *not* like about it? My husband is a novice and I am trying to understand whether the Swan would be a good choice for him. (If you prefer to respond privately, my email is lauraferrarese1@gmail.com)


Many thanks!


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Hi everyone, the Swan is not yet sold.  However, my new concertina is on its way to Ireland for the repair of a reed.  Right now, I'm using the Swan to keep my skills up.  I'll post again once the new one is back.

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