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Still available... reduced! :) George Jones and Jeffries


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So I still have the following two concertinas left from the collection.... I have now reduced the asking prices..... :)


A George Jones C/G  metal ended 32 button, 6 fold bellows. Completely rebuilt by Andrew Norman in 2020 from an absolute wreck I took a punt on from that well know on-line auction site. The complete story from Andrew’s Facebook page…..

Basket-case restoration, before and after pictures.

This had been described by an e-bay seller as a Wheatstone, who, having looked at serial numbers, concluded it must be an early Wheatstone Anglo! My customer was not so sure (Caveat emptor!). It is in fact, a George Jones. When it came to me it had over a dozen wrong reeds, rough and split Lachenal bellows, black sides (with holes!) and a number of buttons, levers, strap-screws, and other parts missing. The ends had lost their plating too. So what was special about this? Well, nothing really, but a similar metal ended bone-buttoned Lachenal Anglo when properly restored will fetch around £2,300 (2020 prices, see our website) so it makes it worthwhile spending money on something like this. It now has all Jones reeds (with other reed-tongues replaced where severely abused) repaired woodwork refinished like the original Jones finish, and re-plated ends. Buttons, levers, pads, and strap-screws, all to match Jones pattern, and new bellows with new frames to match the woodwork exactly. Definitely on a par with a responsive metal ended Lachenal Anglo, but with a different character, so should be worth about the same. That's what makes it worthwhile...... besides we like a challenge! Find out what we can do with your broken, neglected, or abandoned projects.”




Jeffries 26 button Bb/F . Typical Jeffries “bark” Very loud & responsive. In very good order and has been looked after. I usually play Wheatstone / Lachenal layout so I have currently swapped the C#and D# on the outer row to suit my preference, although I’m happy to swap them back if a buyer wants.



 If someone buys the  two concertinas at the same time I will throw in a Swan double flight case, (which you can foam out to suit the two concertinas)


Jones link to pics and sound file :https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hbxfnjwmfxyjfqn/AAD3TqQ6-ZPYWcGAyrpHVKqHa?dl=0

Jeffries link to pics and soundfile: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r6nwxdgg1jj28qm/AADutduTa-ZmRfXAK7AFeVmta?dl=0


Feel free to get in touch to discuss... :)

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