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Note-name tablature

Roger Hare

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A simple question (I hope).


Some folks use 'below-the-staff' note names as an aid to learning staff notation.


Is there a convention for notating accidentals? That is, are accidentals depicted as

(say) #C and #F, as they would appear in the score, or as C# and F#?


I did a simple implementation of this scheme a while ago for a whistle class, and the

accidentals problem did not occur because of the limited scope of a whistle.  I now

wish to generalise the implementation to include all notes.



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1 hour ago, MJGray said:

I've only ever seen it written in the "C#" order, and would find the other way a little confusing.


See, for example, the first couple of images at https://pegheadnation.com/string-school/music-notation-guide/

That's extremely helpful! Thank you very much!


FWIW, that's the way I implemented it first shot out of the box - it seemed 'right', but it

was when I was looking at the score with accidentals in the staff and below the staff that

it occurred to me that there were in fact two ways to do it.


Thanks again!

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