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Wheatstone 40 button Anglo for sale


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Wheatstone 8 sided Anglo, 40 button in D/A tuning. Serial 58938. Chrome ends and buttons.


All notes play and instrument seems airtight. Two small corner repairs on bellows.


Unfortunately I do not play it, and decided to focus on the accordion, hence selling.


If anyone is interested I would recommend a video call (Skype, Whatsapp etc.) for me to demo it for you, and answer any questions.


Asking EUR 1,950 o.n.o and will honour the site donation if sold here.


For contact number, email or Skype, please drop me a message.







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This concertina reached me yesterday. It deserves tuning and a general overhaul in due course but it is in good condition and perfectly playable to be going on with. Donovan absorbed the shipping cost so I have made the donation to concertina.net.

On 3/6/2021 at 10:23 PM, Steve Gardham said:

Hope you get it, Richard. Looks like a nice box. Wouldn't mind a squeeze.




The Wheatstone ledgers tell me that it was made in 1965, so it's a late one, not quite of the quality from the golden age, but it's still a decent box. I may bring it when I next come to a real TSF meeting, if I travel by car. If it's in Sheffield (for example) I'm more likely to travel by train and I'm not keen on taking concertinas on public transport after twice absent-mindedly leaving one on the Underground. (Though I was lucky and got them back.)

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