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(SOLD) Lachenal 55-Key New Model Maccann Duet Concertina

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** Edit: this concertina has been sold on eBay. So I also removed the photos and sound samples from this post. **


First note that I listed this on ebay US website a month ago (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lachenal-55-Key-New-Model-Maccann-Duet-Concertina/174376616431). I decide to also post the info here hoping to sell it faster:) I do prefer to ship within the US, but I am also considering international shipping, if anyone is interested I can actually take it off ebay and sell it here, in the latter case I'm glad to make a donation to the forum.


Lachenal 55-key New Model Maccann duet concertina, with steel reeds, raised metal ends, metal buttons, six-fold bellows. Fully functional, ready-to-play. The serial number seems to be 10722.

This concertina was bought two years ago from Chris Algar from the Barleycorn Concertinas in UK. At the time of purchase it was fully restored with new pads, valves and straps, and tuned to concert pitch by Mr. Algar. I have kept it in very good condition and it's now virtually indistinguishable from when I first got it. I do not have a box for it, only a soft carrying bag which has no padding -- but if you only play at home then it can be good enough for storage. Comes with the original book "Wheatstone's Instructions (a Practical and Comprehensive Tutor) for the Duet Concertina", 3rd edition, probably published in the early decades of 20th century -- still useful as a method book, but could also be of interest for collectors.


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