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Wrist strap for Jackie english concertina

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I'm learning to play on a Jackie concertina.   I've read in several articles that using wrist straps can make holding the instrument easier.  Anyone know how they would be attached to the Jackie or know of a shop that could do this work?  Pictures would be nice.  I live in Port Townsend Washington 


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Notice in this video (about thumb strap ideas) I created an under-knees strap that holds my concertina very securely for playing see video below.

It also gives extra pull out of the bellows, meaning less interruption of playing.

It's so good that without that strap the concertina feels very floppy and awkward and obstructed.

I've played almost every day since January 2010. I'll never go back to playing without the under thigh strap.

The thumb strap idea isn't vital, it was an experiment. I didn't bother adding it to my Lachenal concertina, but might one day.


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