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Greg Jowaisas

Thanksgiving thank yous

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Thanksgiving Day in the states and a good time to remember all the great concertina supporters the world over.


It was 15 years ago that I rediscovered the concertina and found this wonderful site.  Thank you to Paul who conceived it and Paul and Ken who have administered it over the years.


A hearty thanks to all the wonderful makers and repairers who have shared their knowledge and experience with me and the community at large.  Special thanks to Wally Carroll, Colin and Rosalie Dipper, Geoff Crabb, Malcolm Clapp, Bob Tedrow. Geoff Wulff and a score of others who have made my life as a concertina repairman easier and better.


Thanks to all those who have sent concertinas for repair and refurbishment.  Thank you for your patience and support.


Thanks to my lovely wife who has supported my concertina repair endeavors and listened to my complaints, travails and shared my successes while supplying the all important health insurance I probably would be hard pressed to afford while doing this work.


And lastly a big thank you to all the wonderful players and lovers of concertinas all over the world who have made this little instrument so intriguing and capable of wonderful music.  Bless you.



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Thank YOU! Greg, for your advice, patience, and workmanship. These old instruments need a craftsman to bring out the best in them. The price-point too!  I know that it is tacky to talk about the money, but your service is so far above and beyond the $15 that I paid you. Those F# reeds are so very important.

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