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Morse Geordie Baritone For Sale

Mike in Oban

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For sale, Morse Geordie Baritone English Concertina.


This instrument is in perfect condition. I bought it new from the Music Room in Clackheaton in 2014. I’m not sure if anyone else is selling these new in the UK anymore (now the Music Room has ceased trading). Of course, these originally come from the Button Box in Massachusetts.


I never really got on with the Baritone. I’d intended to use it for accompaniment, but in practice never did, and so I’m selling it on to allow other projects. It has hardly been played, still smells of new leather, and I’ve never taken it out to play in public. It comes with the original box.


Offers in the region of £2,200 would be appreciated.


I’d much prefer to sell this in the UK if possible as I’m nervous about sending such a high-value instrument abroad. If anyone would like to try it, you’d be welcome to do so. I’m currently in York (despite the moniker).







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Hi - standard I think - at least there's nothing in the documentation to suggest otherwise. Is there an easy way to tell? (I've never opened this concertina up, but wouldn't know what to look for as my only experience is with old Wheatstones & Lachenals.)




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Thanks Mike. I think it would certainly be specified in the order documentation and receipt if it had the TAM reeds - it's an optional extra with an additional price-tag.




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A reminder that this is still availble.  (It might have helped had I managed to spell 'Morse' correctly in the title. I don't know how to fix that.)


More concretely, I'll reduce my aspirations to around £2000.




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