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Helpful Video On Chords, By Martyn


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I'm sure this must have been posted elsewhere but I wanted to bring it up again.


Martyn ( I don't if it is his name on this forum) made a series of videos calleds English Concertina for Beginners.


I have found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgSviQ0iKSoparticularly helpful ; he shows on a piano how chords work and it suddenly makes sense.


The next video is about other chords than the main ones and is also very helpful.


As a complete beginner, anything that can demistify music theory is very precious to me.


Now if someone could do something similar for rolls and ornementation in general....:)


Thanks a lot to Martyn for his videos (the last one is just lovely !!) - he makes the whole thing less daunting and for us beginners without teachers, it's invaluable.


Good luck to all the beginners out there,



Tim, who has just started on Jackie and just can't get enough of it.

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Hi Tim,


Good luck with your concertina journey. Practice lots. Sounds like you're on the right track if you "just can't get enough of it".


Here's a link to my tutorial page http://www.concertinaman.net/tutorials.html that demonstrates a bit about how I use chords for song accompaniment. From there you can also download a chord wheel PDF which will allow you to determine the notes for just about any chord you might need to play. The wheel will help you to visualize the intervals between notes, just like you can on a piano keyboard.


Cheers, Steve.

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Hi Steve,



Thank you for the link ! Yet another website I'm happy to know about ! I can't open it on my old rotten computer but I'll have a good look at it tomorrow on my other one.


By the way , a small update to others : I've found this video on ornamentation - not the most helpful maybe but it still illustrates some bits and pieces - It is by Dick Miles.




As for practicing lots and lots... alas, my neighbours have come to realise that something definitely changed since last Monday ! When it's too early in the morning or rather late in the evening, I play very softly but sometimes I slip and....aargh !



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Just a quick update to all beginners : be sure to check Steve's website (that he refers to above)... He gives you the opportunity to download his "chord wheel" and make your own at home..


Such a great idea, Steve, thank you very much !!

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