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Wanted Wakker A-4/a-5


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Having found and bought a Suttner, which brings me so much joy, I just wanted to post this here to show my interest in wanting to get a Wakker A4 Ebony/ A5 Wakker, hopefully from someone in Europe and more specific Ireland/UK or would someone from t he states becoming this side of the pond for the Fleadh Cheoil etc, could a deal be done and If they have one available would they be interested in trading it for my Crabb, Suttner. Or my Suttner plus cash.


Thanks for reading :)

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Hello, again, Jay-Jay,

I'm pleased to hear that your Suttner acquisition has been successful.

Though (as you know) my Amboyna A-5 meets none of your geographic requirements, it is (still) available - per our prior correspondence.

For your (and others') convenience, it is this very one on the Wakker-Concertinas website: http://www.wakker-concertinas.com/A-5.htm

Very few A-5's like this have been made as I understand it.

No interest in trading as I am in the process of downsizing.

Be Well,


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