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  1. If you someone were to be swinging a concertina around through all of their performance and weight was an issue, couldn't you just choose a lighter instrument but it would compromise the loudness and power, I have a Suttner rosewood ends it is oh so so light but same suttner with ebony ends is heavier, why not attach mics to the concertina? Also I wouldnt go with a shoulder strap for long periods youll only end up getting pains in your back and headaches.
  2. I found a youtube video of amazing grace on the English concertina, it's really easy to follow and understand and it plays nicely on my anglo c/g concertina. Thanks for the advice I will try that approach of learning a few notes at a time and not be overwhelmed by the whole score, thanks again
  3. Hi everyone I appreciate everyone's help, the thing is I can't read music or understand tablature, it hasn't really stopped me from learning the concertina, I do learn a certain way and I'm happy with the way I am learning. To Gary, I love your version of amazing grace it makes my heart smile, but I can't understand the tabliture
  4. I appreciate the help, but as I was saying in my post I find it very difficult understanding abc even reading the guides it's like a different language.
  5. I don't know what key it is in :/ I don't have a recording was hoping that maybe someone would be kind to send me a recording and the notes
  6. Hey all I have been learning the concertina for a good good while now, I heard a tune/song that I would love to learn and it's called amazing grace, I think it would be just lovely on the concertina, so this is where I need help, I can't transpose it to the concertina, I find it very difficult and honestly I can't read abc notation, I have been learning tunes by simple abc a' b' c' a- b- c- that kind of way and I'm happy with that, would anyone be willing to record amazing grace slowly and simply and with notes, I play anglo C/G and if so I would happily make a donation to cnet for the effort and time, thanks for reading
  7. Hi Ben, thanks for the advice, I didn't think to do that, I sent him an email thanks again
  8. Hey thanks for taking the time to reply, I do really love my Suttner, when I'm playing it makes me happy,It has really fast response when playing like the notes just want to play themselves, it's great, but... there's just something really lovely about Wakker concertinas that makes my heart smile and I feel now I am in a better position to purchase or be able to offer a really good trade for one
  9. Would love either of these beautiful concertinas but would have to trade my Suttner plus perhaps half the cost of either concertina in cash. If that intrests anyone that would be great thanks for reading
  10. I was looking over some of his last posts and he was selling his concertinas and I would love to revisit the idea of buying his Wakker A5 if he still has it available for sale
  11. I'm pretty much a beginner myself well I think now intermediate and the best advice I could give someone is don't worry about playing fast, play the tune at a slow pace, even at a slow pace you can hear the rhythm and hear the tune and it still sounds quite lovely. If you want a simple slow down option windows media player can slow it down to .5 speed. Open Chrome or other web-browser/ open 2 tabs one for youtube and the other (it's an mp3/converter/downloader) http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ Copypaste song into converter - download Open the song in Windows Media player
  12. Having found and bought a Suttner, which brings me so much joy, I just wanted to post this here to show my interest in wanting to get a Wakker A4 Ebony/ A5 Wakker, hopefully from someone in Europe and more specific Ireland/UK or would someone from t he states becoming this side of the pond for the Fleadh Cheoil etc, could a deal be done and If they have one available would they be interested in trading it for my Crabb, Suttner. Or my Suttner plus cash. Thanks for reading
  13. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a dvd of the series or somewhere I could download the older episodes, the older episodes don't appear on the player, it's such a lovely series I'd love to have it on DvD
  14. Hi everyone I appreciate the advice given here, I've tried to understand the ABC Notation and I can't seem to get my head around it at the moment, I would really prefer to learn a tune the way I have been with the very simple A D' F F G B E A- A-, I can listen to recordings and practice how long I should hold a note for etc, it's how I've been learning tunes thus far. The slow down seems like a fantastic idea and would certainly help with recognising what note is being played and allows me to match the notes and find what note is being played on the CD, that is another issue for me, when I hear a tune there are times when I can't distinguish which note is being played, I'm getting better at it as the weeks past and I practice more. Again thanks everyone for their help, if anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears
  15. Hi everyone I heard a tune on a CD that I bought and I would love to learn, it's called O' Sullivan's March but I want to learn it in simple A B C notes, I don't understand sheet music and anytime I look up Abc notation it looks all complicated to me :/ it's really frustrating me :/ how do I go about getting a tune to put into simple Abc like.. A D' F F G B E FF in this kind of format
  16. I love the fact that with the concertina that you don't have to be good to get it to sound pretty, I'm only learning the concertina a few months now, but I did try various other traditional instruments like the fiddle, saw a lovely man busking on Grafton St, I asked him about the violin, we had the chats and tea, even tried the violin, but for the violin to sound nice you have to be really good to achieve this, but oh my gosh, pick up a concertina for the first time, it can sound oh so so beautiful to the ears try a couple of chords and it makes the heart smile. I love the fact it's small and neat, I can just sit in my comfy chair, have lots of tea and happily practice. Also, starting out, the return on practice time is great, you can spend 10 minutes on a concertina and you'll get somewhere. My goal for learning the concertina is to eventually have enough tunes and technique to be able to busk on Grafton St. or Ennis, it's the dream
  17. After I bought my Suttner concertina, I have a mohagny ended Crabb, it's a fabulous concertina and I hold it very dear, but I don't play it now that I have a Suttner, I have a couple of options one is to sell it on and the other is rebuilding/over-hauling What if I wanted to over-haul the entire concertina, change ends to say ebony/? Replace levers, add in brass posts to make it play alot faster, replace the bone buttons with metal ones. I know it could be expensive, but my question is also at what point, does my Crabb become not a Crabb anymore and something else entirely because of all the changes with exceptions of the reeds? And how much would all these changes cost, I will post pictures up later, if it helps determine a price, I basically want to get my Crabb to a point that it could be a concertina that would be as fast/responsive as my Suttner.
  18. If you don't find a posting alternative, maybe another option would be to fly to Germany, EasyJet/Ryanair (depending on where) and personally deliver the instrument
  19. Sadly importing goods from outside the EU, customs puts VAT on the goods, it can add an extra 1000 euro or more to the purchase price :/ I got one I am one happy camper P.S how do you make a donation to C.net, there's no donate button?
  20. Thanks, Jay-Jay. I tried, but no luck...maybe my system is too antiquated. I did enjoy the music very much. The only other thing you could try is maybe a different web browser, it does say that if a browser is out of date, it won't function
  21. Just to add that there is English subtitles. Whilst the video is playing, if you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the video, on the right hand side you will see an option to turn on subtitles when you press the little CC box.
  22. I am looking to now find and purchase an Ebony ended 30 button or a 38 button Suttner. in Europe, I'm in Ireland.
  23. I think it was sold as there was a bid on it, going by the ebay link
  24. I think it was sold as there was a bid on it, going by the ebay link
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