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Connor/algar C/g Lachenal Remake


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This is one of John Connor's remakes for Chris Algar (Barleycorn Concertinas) using retrieved Lachenal reeds.


Typical Connor Standard but without his Aluminium reed plates.


Black Leather Bellows, Riveted Action, Brass Levers, German Silver Buttons, German Silver ends, Genuine Ebony facing on frames etc. very nicely done.


Nice Condition, few minor marks on ends (but not on woodwork), very similar in sound to a Lachenal with the German Silver Ends (as you might expect)


Been a nice well made concertina for me for last few years, but now surplus to requirements (be sad to see it go but isn't that always the case?)

I got John to alter it to Jeffries layout when I first got it I believe it's about 7yrs old, regularly maintained by John Connor (he's local to me) every thing in good playable condition.


Selling for £1650 + post (next day UK Europe) donation to C.net


No case with it, (been using a Greg Jowaisas which I am keeping sorry), if that's a problem for you I may go halves on one to fit from HobGob about £40 total (easy to block, I'll do it if you can't) will be very securely packaged regardless of that, I have never had any delivery problems with either Concertinas or Button Accordions/Melodeons.


Hope it's of interest to someone, I think it's fair money for a middle ground playable Concertina

PM me please All the Best mory


will send pic's, sound file, layout etc, if and when.

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