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Just a quick hello from Cyprus. I'm a melodeon player really (as several members here will know) but many years ago I had a Lachenal 20-key Anglo that I really enjoyed but had to part with when I needed some cash in a hurry. I haven't owned a concertina since, but I've just picked up an anonymous German 30-key Anglo that I hope will rekindle my interest and perhaps spur me to splash out on another reasonable instrument in due course. I'm sure it will need some work, so I'll probably be asking for help & advice on fettling it once it arrives here.




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You should find the 30 button Anglo much more versatile than simple 20 button box as can play in nearly any key. Best technique, especially if you are used to Melodeon, is to play cross row, essentially using central C row and reaching for flat and sharps on other rows as needed, or to match RH with bellows direction if playing bass chords on LH. If you are used to a DG Melodeon in can be confusing because D is always pull and E is always push.


I find that playing Concertina in a group is difficult because I cant hear my own instrument.

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I also have invested in a budget Rochelle to test the water. Problem is that presently there is a huge leap in cost to significantly upgrade. Whereas you can get a reasonable Melodeon for £1000, decent concertinas seem to be all £2000 +. Even well used old ones fetch silly money. Hence why Concertina Connections have made no frills instruments. Sigh!

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