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New Track On Fundraiser Compilation

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Hello all,


I have contributed a track under my "Lachenalia" moniker to the compilation below:



My friends Sam and David run a monthly sound art workshop called "If Wet" in Callow End in Worcester, and this compilation is part of a fundraising exercise to help ensure that there is a second year.


My piece is a drone-based improvisation recorded on Jeffries Duet using an Electro-Harmonix "HOG" (which stands for Harmonic Octave Generator) and a tape delay unit. It's in E flat, because I never like making life too easy for myself...


Incidentally - the project name "Lachenalia" came about during a period in which I wasn't playing concertina at all, and in which I discovered that there was a genus of South African bulb plants called Lachenalia. They're very pretty, and I found the idea that these plants had a name that also sounded like a Bacchanalian orgy of concertinas very appealing. Ironically, I no longer own any Lachenal instruments, either :rolleyes:

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