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Wheatstone English Concertinas For Sale


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I have 2 superb treble wheatstone English concertinas for sale.


The first is a 48 key aeola treble.

ebony ends (with fretwork between the buttons)

concert pitch

new bushings ( 2 years ago !)

immaculate 6 fold crab bellows (1980s)

original box with some nice history

circa 1912.


this is easy to play and has a beautiful dry consistent sound through the instrument......great balanced chords so I've always used it for Christmas carols!!!


the second is a metal ended extended treble model 22.

raised metal ends

concert pitch

new bushings

original 5 fold bellows

original box



this plays quickly and is more dynamic than the aeola, but holds less air, so this gets used for the speedy irish stuff........Personally I prefer this to the metal ender I sold to Mr. wooff a couple of years ago....although its not as loud as his mean green machine, I feel this is a better allrounder .....


both concertinas are located in devon, England


the aeola is priced at 2650 and the model 22 at 2000.......English pounds.


my phone number is 01271 814609


best wishes ,



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