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Swaledale 2012 some bits from concert- sound only


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We really have to find a lawyer ready to make us a lot of money from Google by suing it for allowing false copyright claims on our material and our performances.


These mysterious, addressless people are claiming copyright in this "video"** of Londonderry Air (written at least 150 years ago................)- even as Danny Boy, which they labelled ot in their "claim", it would be well out of copyright....




I will see if I can find time to remove all the xpleeteeves from the late night Friday session and then post that.. it is about five hours.

I dont know what happened to sounds for SatnightSunmorning; post- ceilidh, which my legs refused to attend. B) B)


** Google computepeople are so helpful

they tell me about my 'invisible piccies'


"We detected your video may be shaky. Would you like us to stabilise it?"


and while we are at it, the French, on behalf of Brussels are after Google on privacy - and for real. go see the copyright section.


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