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Gill B

Neck Strap Specifically for Anglos

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There has been another post recently about neck straps for concertinas. and although the ideas given are great for an english, thay don't work quite as well for an anglo.


When I used to play standing up, I found that it worked best if one end (the left) wasn't restricted by a strap. So I used webbing about 5/8" and two sets of plasic push-fit buckles to set up a system which went around one end of the concetina, then up and around the neck and shoulder and back down to attach behind the hand strap to the strap screw. A short stub of webbing with one half of a buckle was left permanently attached to the concertina. The rest of the strap could be attached and ready for use in a few seconds.


This system meant that one end of the concertina could be held still at about hip level, without any restricion of the bellows.


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