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wheatstone aeola treble 1911


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I have a wheatstone treble aeola from 1911 number 25185 that I'm not playing

I bought it from an advert on here in april 2008 ( if someone tech could do a link that would be great...!)

Since I've had it ,it has had new bushings ,valves and been fine tuned by nigel sture in kingsbridge.

Its a fantastic concertina ,but I think I'm a lachenal man!

I don't really want to sell it ,so its up for swaps.....possibly for an early edeophone? :unsure:

all the best,simon

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Chris Algar just had an earlier Edeo on ebay a couple weeks ago that did not sell. You might try Chris if you haven't already.




PS. I think your cnet mailbox needs to be cleared. I could not send you a personal message.

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