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The Goblins Picnic

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First off, this has no relation to the Discworld series.


Picked up a new Zoom audio recorder for my birthday and trying it out

playing the Clover , with the audio reversed, then added

some ambient noises



Edited by Michael Ducky Raley
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(Lucky) Ducky--Happy Birthday! was this a present to yourself--so you got exactly what you wanted? You are always challenging the concertina community with your music and applications. You are a hoot. Thank-you Michelle


Why yes. I had to ask myself "Oh thanks, how did you know".


I also had a band from Seattle come out to play at the Portside pub.

when they set up their drums , keyboards and bass stick thing

I said "Oh, no I'm providing the instruments tonight...", which left me with just the Melodica.


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