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St. Patrick's Day

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Hello, Guys!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wish you a very good day with a lot of music... and beer :D


Greetins from Spain!



Thanks, and the same to you from Germany!


Paddy's Night is special for me this year, because my group is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our first public gig! Since then, we've done 19 Paddy's Night gigs in the same venue. Always great fun - the only change is that the audiences get older and older ... ;)


It'll be Irish music, of course: plenty of ballads, with me on vocals and 5-string banjo (the poor man's Luke Kelly, that's me!) and of course on Anglo concertina, taking the melodic lead in our Carolan arrangements and playing jigs together with the fiddler.


Hope everyone has as much fun as I intend to have!:)




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Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


Last night my spouse and I popped our copy of John Wayne's "The Quiet Man" into the DVD for the annual showing. Hilarity ensued as we pointed out (as we always do) the actor playing the melodeon upside down.

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