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Right Brain/ Left Brain

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The railway engineer apart from the Stephensons whose name is well known by the general public I would suggest is Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


Of course - The GWR, 7' gauge, atmospheric traction, etc!

OTOH, when I hear "Brunel" I think of ships - "Great Western", "Great Eastern", "Great Britain" (seems everythng that Brunel did was somehow "great"). Just goes to show what I was saying: people who are great at something are often good at something else. Why shouldn't a good concertinist play for Morris today, for Irish set dancing tomorrow, for shanty-singing yachtsmen the day after and for a street evangelist on Sunday, with a selection of drawing-room ballads and music-hall songs for special occasions?

Should all be possible - especially with an Anglo or duet - if you really know your instrument!




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