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Found 1 result

  1. Recently I "won", as they call it, a small 20 button "Made in Saxony" (as stamped on the ends), 4.25 inch (108mm) across the flats Anglo concertina with zinc plated reeds sets and riveted brass reeds. I have no idea of the tuning as it was and still is unplayable. However one reed is broken and I should like to replace it if possible. The existing reeds are not transferable within or between the two sets. Does anyone know of an artisan in the UK who is competent to do such work. If someone will send me contact information I can then deal with them directly. The instrument is an ideal size for my 4 year old grandson who likes in particular my 1860's? (number 18273) 24 button Lachenal (as well as all my other 'tinas) but finds it too large. He already has a toy melodeon and piano accordion on which he can noodle and find chords etc. but he still prefers my concertina. At the moment "The Liliputian" as it is called, has been spray painted gold, needs new gussets in a couple of places as well as some work on the wooden lever action and some replacement wood/plastic buttons (5mm diam), in addition to the above, for a start, but I shall hang fire on these repairs for a while in case I get an affirmative response to my query above. Alternatively, if there is another concertina of the same ilk out there awaiting new ownership or willing to be donated for spare parts I would also be interested in that. Thanks in anticipation Mike
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