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Found 1 result

  1. I am using EasyABC on a HP machine running Windoze 10. I have a problem with correct representation of numeric values in the Q: field. Briefly, any value above 127 produces an incorrect value both in the display, and in the generated PDF file. Here's an example: X:1 T:Newcastle M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=150 K:G |: A2 | "G" B2 d2 "D7" G2 A2 | "G" G3 A G2 D2 | "G" B2 d2 G2 d2 | "C" e2 g4 fe | "G" d2 B2 A2 G2 | "C" E2 e4 dc | "G" d2 B2 "D7" A3 G |1 "G" G4 G2 :|2 "G" G6 |] |: ef | "G" gfed g3 B | "Am" A2 g4 A2 | "Em" G3 A "Bm" B2 F2 | "Em" E2 e4 f2 | "G" gfed g3 B | "Am" A2 A2 c3 d | "C" e2 B2 "D7" A3 G | "G" G6 :| I've attached the PDF generated by this ABC code - the metronome marking which should be 150 is shown as -106. A value of 127 works fine; a value of 128, yields -128; a value of 129 yields -127; and so on... (*) I'm baffled by this - particularly as on my other W10 machine, it all works fine. Any ideas? Thank you. (I thought I had already asked this question, but I can't find any trace...) Roger (*) It hasn't escaped my attention that 127=(2**7)-1, and that the value produced is a discontinuous function of the input Q: value: f(x)1:127=x; f(x)128:256=x-256 which just shows that I'm a right smarty-knickers, but which doesn't get me much forrader... ? Newcastle.pdf
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