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Found 11 results

  1. What is the best kind of concertina to play polka music on? Does it make a difference which kind? Is there a brand/make of concertina that you have found is better? Thank you kindly in advance for your wisdom 😇
  2. Hi Folks, I have been asked if I could produce Musical PDF's from the Xmas Tunebook I have and the link is below, this is not intended to replace the tune book, but to go alongside, the pdf's in the tune book, you now have a chance to hear what the dots sound like. The tunes are recreated on a computer using a piano sound and I have slowed them down, but when watching the video you can always pause and practice a single bar or more till you happy. Hope you like this has been a rush job and I have missed out two tunes, but Im not going and start again. As always any comments or suggestions are most welcome. SORRY I posted wrong Link before, it was the one from Google Drive and you can only view not download and then mess about with it. Regards Dave This is the link below
  3. As all our local shops are all full of Xmas Stuff already, I* am joing the trend As before tune played slower than normal, and any replies, comments very welcome Hope you like PDF below this link. Regards Dave https://youtu.be/WpkGhHQP9aQ Flowing Bowl PRINT.pdfFlowing Bowl PRINT.pdf
  4. Another in this series same PDF below the Video, tune slowed down on purpose. Regards Dave Barwick Green_D.pdf
  5. From the comments and emails I have received people prefer the Landscape for screen annimation So here is one All For Me Grog, played very slowly and below the normal Printable Version in Portrait. Any comments or questions welcome. Regards Dave All For Me Grog.pdf
  6. Well I have just finished my small offering, In order to put it here I have used a Google Drive Link. Hope you like as always tips & hints and comments most welcome, I have had to cut the number of pages to make it fit into the space I have available on google drive. Below the link to the tune book hope it works ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ITEjObLZNYXh2LBDVrCmnJTVBUxJV6a5/view?usp=sharing Regards Dave
  7. Hi again, this time I have put the first few pages of a Xmas Tune book in PDF form, which I am currently finishing. The full larger version cannot be loaded onto this forum so I am seeking help to find a way putting it somewhere and then provide the URL for anybody to look at or download for free. So any help or advice other than try to sell me my own website I don't have the ability or the time to do that. Please give me your thought's there are players out there with far more technology skills than I. thanking you in advance. Sample PDF below EASY NOTES XMAS 2019.pdf Regards Dave
  8. This is quite a short tune which is normally repeated as required the PDF is below There seems to be something not right in showing the MP4 but id you copy the UR$L and past into your browsaer it seems to work https://youtu.be/1VQeePLT60E Winster Processional_new_part.pdf
  9. A Nice lttle tune I recorded on Audacity before I goy my new camcorder thing. As usual below the PDF any comments/replies welcome, mybe one day outing this stuff together may become easier Regards Dave Sweet Chiming Bells.pdf
  10. Getting ready early, nice simple tune with PDF Hoping to follow up with New Victorian Carol PDF Book in same easy notes, when I have found away of placing it somewhere with a link It's too big for this forum, and I don't want a website with all that entails. Tried to post a trail version onto Utube but no success, so any help or advice would be great. Then I can post it somewhere and it is free to all to download. Regards Dave In The Winter's Snow.pdf
  11. Below The tune as I recorded and the PDF giving Easy Notes this is my first in trying this, when I have got to grips with the cam-cordeer I hope to video me playing this is aimed at new players and beginners. Any comments very welcome, we are all still learning. In the Bleak Midwinter_new_part.pdf
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