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Found 2 results

  1. Folderol

    The Gael

    Hello friends! I’ve been playing around with a well known Tune called The Gael, aka The Kiss, aka The Last of The Mohicans theme song. I use to play this on the fiddle but now I’m trying to work through it on the concertina. Has anyone else attempted to learn this? I’m wondering what key would best suit this tune on the squeeze box as I’m still a newbie. When I try to mimic what I did on the fiddle I feel like the notes are going to low and this throws me off! Here are some notes from the session that I’m “kinda following”. T:The Gael M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D dorian |~A,3 FED|EDC DCG,|~A,3 FED|EDC DCA,| |~C3 ~E3|GEE EDE|~C3 ~E3|GEE EDE| |~F3 FEF|GFF FED|~E3 EDE|GEE EDC| |D3 DCD|FED EDC|DED DCD|FED EDC|
  2. Hi all, The other day I was searching online for the violin sheet music for the song "The Cuckold Comes out of the Amery" as performed in the film "Master and Commander" (listen here). Somehow I stumbled on a .temp file from this website (r and Commander" (listen here). Somehow I stumbled on a .temp file from this website (http://www.concertina.net/tunes-temp/1166.pdf ), and, not realizing it was a temporary file, I bookmarked it to print later. Next time I clicked it, naturally, it came up as a 404. I've been kicking myself ever since-- I did want to learn that one. Does anyone here know who uploaded that file, and where I can find the music? The original poster said it was *transcribed* from the movie, so the music would have been stylized from the original tune. The PDF was several pages long. Thanks so much for the help! ( I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum.... correct me and I'll move it to the right one)
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