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Found 3 results

  1. Dear friends, as I told in another topic, the Dilemma, that began Mr. Dirge, I have put two close up videos of myself playing the right hand of my maccann duet. I don't know if putting them on the video forum or in the teaching and learning forum. I decided to do it as there are only a few videos of duet playing in were one can see clearly the hands or one hand in one of the sides of the concertina. I recorded them almost one year ago, I didn't put them online as there were several mistakes, hoping for recording again them better, but finally as I didn't record them again, I decided to began putting these videos for beginning a topic, and hoping that other maccann players do the same. Titles and links 1st Video Experimentando coa maccann duet concertina 1. É unha modelo wheatstone de 46 botóns de aproximadamente 1920. Interpreto en do a melodía da muiñeira de Faustino Luis Seoane, coñecido gaiteiro de O Cañizo - A Gudiña - Ourense. Exploring the maccann duet layout 1 playing a wheatstone 46 buttons concertina from the 20s, I play a galician muiñeira in C key, learned from the famous galician piper, Faustino Luis Seoane, O Cañizo - A Gudiña (Ourense). https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hZU10Iaqx3U I posted this muiñeira in another topic in the videos section with an anglo in Bb/F. 2nd Video Experimentando coa maccann duet concertina 2. É unha modelo wheatstone de 46 botóns de aproximadamente 1920. Interpreto en do unha jota aprendida do gran gaiteiro Juanjo Fernández. Exploring the maccann duet layout playing a wheatstone 46 buttons concertina from the 20s, I play a galician jota in C key, learned from the galician piper Juanjo Fernández from Lugo" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHitiO5nGX8 Jotas are in 3/4 rythm but much more lively than the waltz, if they go in a moderate tempo, as this one it can be called Jota valseada (waltzsed jota). I hope your benevolence for the mistakes. I shall put in another post the way that I played in these videos, I adapted my way of fingering in the diatonic accordion, playing with three fingers mainly, index, middle and ring finger. It works well in C key, in another keys not. My purpose is playing traditional music mainly and in galician music the tunes aren't usually more than in a 9 notes extent, then maccanns with 46, 55 or 57 keys are very nice for playing it, I think. Félix Castro
  2. As you asked, I posted three years ago several links to galician tunes that we recorded in video live for the launch of the third album by Pancho Álvarez one of the most talented galician folk musicians. We play with him from time to time when he has enough time if he isn't doing gigs with the famous galician piper Carlos Nuñez. The concertina isn't very well played for several reasons but the tunes are fine. You can see them in you tube searching for Pancho Alvarez or with the direct links two galician muiñeiras that played the blind fiddler Florencio dos Vilares "ahi vai" and "a miña burriña", 2/4 and a foliada or xota. two galician muiñeiras more. Another tune in which I play the concertina is in this arrangement of a galician muiñeira and a carballesa (we added to it a minor part) that we played many years ago when we founded Felpeyu, I played the tunes with uilleann pipe then and as it hasn't the sensible, C #, note below D, we had to change a bit some notes of the tune. I posted links to tunes (only music) recorded with pipes, bouzouki, concertina and flute by us about ten years ago in the topic about playing small pipes melodies with the concertina, in the general discussion forum by Jody Kruskal. Thankyou in advance for your interest in our music. Félix Castro (& Cástor)
  3. http://vimeo.com/61636758 Hello, My brother have just posted a video in vimeo playing both, playing a galician muiñeira with bouzouki and a 22 buttons lachenal concertina in Bb/F retuned and sold by Chris Algar one month and a half ago. Faustino Luis Seoane, a galician bagpiper from O Cañizo - Concello da Gudiña, from our province, Ourense, was recorded by Alan Lomax the year 1953, when Faustino was very young, he is now about 90 years old. Our version is more similar to the version that plays Faustino nowadays. I put also the link to track of Faustino recorded by Alan Lomax http://research.culturalequity.org/rc-b2/get-audio-detailed-recording.do?recordingId=21620 I like a lot the sound of the bb/f concertinas. And our intention is to put online several videos playing galician music in several instruments as we almost don't have any video by now. Félix Castro
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