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Found 3 results

  1. 2 Edgley hybrids for sale, recently tuned by Karel van der Leeuw, and in quite good condition, keys C/G and G/D. PS the C/G has a 3mm leather support gasket adaption under the end-plates to decrease the too long sticking out buttons for ease of playing. Seems even the sound is better now, as i sold my Heritage in favor of this speedy player. The G/D has been converted from Wheatstone to Jeffries system professionally, with the same type Voci a mano reeds. Both include a case, 2150 euros each, incl concertina.net provision, and EU imports were paid for. Shipping DHL preferred, costs vary due location. Selling due my recent hearing problems. C/G: G/D:
  2. Carroll Concertina #278, C/G 30-button. lt is the standard size in all black with a celtic tree endplate design and adjustable handlebars. I am the original owner of this instrument, I had it built towards the end of 2019. No leaks, holes, scratches, or damage of any kind. Occasionally the endplate screws need re-tightening, but when I asked the repair folks at the Button Box they told me it was nothing to worry about and is fairly normal with new instruments. Good volume, bright tone, and fast action, if I played more I would keep her, but I don't and she's too lovely to sit around and collect dust! Asking $5800 $5500 (+shipping), comes with hard case.
  3. Hi All, Could anyone direct me to a shantyman or woman giving lessons in Boston or nearby areas? I play a C/G Anglo and am primarily interested in Shanties, but I would like to know more about dance tunes as well as accompaniment. In general, I have a lot to learn. I've had my concertina for fifteen years, but I never really progressed past playing a handful of tunes. Thanks. I will check this forum, but you can also reach me at frank.montesonti@gmail.com as well. Best, Frank.
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