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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, my experience is that I lost 700 euros. I live in Brazil and in July last year (2019) I had a friend traveling through Italy. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to buy a 46 Stagi Hayden Duet. My dream is to play brasilian music with that instrument. I researched the Internet and found that Stagi Lorenzo was the owner of the Brunnermusica.com store for over 30 years and that it was the same factory as Bastari. On the website I found an email and a phone number to contact. I chose the email first to keep everything registered. I asked if a Hayden Du
  2. Hello, All. I am truly excited by my chance good luck! Went on my quarterly pilgrimage to the ButtonBox in Massachusetts, USA, to have a look at the new CC “Troubador” Hayden system duet, with an eye towards trading in a nice older Hohner Corona three row box and my now-well-used Elite Hayden. The box and Elise were only worth enough to leave me too-many-hundreds-of-dollars “short” for the deal, and frankly I was about to stick with that part of the musical empire intact. Then Doug said, “have you looked at the Bastari in the corner?” So, for a swap, I am now the pro
  3. Hi all, I'd like to start with the concertina. Currently I play the saxophone and harmonica (bluesharp). So I bought a used 48-key English Concertina for 200 Euro at eBay. The seller stated that the brand is Bastari and from my investigation this should be correct. All keys but the highest note on the left side are working on push and pull. The highest note on the left works only one direction. But I found that the concertina is not very airtight. The belly openes to its full length by its own weight within 15 seconds. After some investigation I found that
  4. https://soundcloud.com/moonsagotunes/hello-from-whisper This is not played on one of my Morse concertinas but is on an old Bastari English concertina. I was playing for my bird to dance and he threw in a few 'hellos.' Whisper is my cockatoo. 32-second mp3
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