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Found 1 result

  1. In the course of building Anglo Piano and exploring keyboard designs for my own needs, I'm constantly collecting and transcribing Anglo layouts. I figured I'd list them here so others can make use of them. I find it's extremely helpful to be able to view all these layouts in a standardized format that's also interactive; maybe you do too. Notes: Anglo Piano has several "standard" layouts built-in, which aren't listed here. The layouts below are not stored on Anglo Piano, but rather are encoded in the links themselves. Anyone can design or transcribe their own layout and get a link to share here (and you're encouraged to!). I have collected these layouts from various sources. If you spot an error, tell me, and I'll fix it (or you can send me a link to a corrected layout). You can transpose a layout into any tuning using the layout editor. As of now, I don't have a way to support different temperaments. Anglo Layouts 1-19 buttons Jones mini piccolo 10b C | source AC Norman Mini D 13b | source AC Norman Mini C 13b | source 20 buttons Maskandi/Squashbox 20b Eb/Bb (via Qadasi) | source 21-29 buttons Edgley/Herrington 24b C/G | source Jones 26b CG for Salvation Army | source Henry Harley 26b C/G | source 30-37 buttons Kensington 30b C/G | source David Fabre's 30b G/D | source Dave Weinstein's G/D "Drop D" 31b | source Doug Anderson's 31b G/D Jeffries | source David Fabre's 32b Bb/F | source Chris Ghent's 32b C/G | source Wang Guoping (Wang Feng) 33b C/B | source Sean Wahl's 35b C/G | source: personal correspondence Clive Thorn's 36b Jeffries/Crabb | source David Fabre's E. Pariselle 37b C/G "Levitina" | source 38-39 buttons (mostly Jeffries variants) Adrian Brown's 38b C/G Jeffries | source Jody Kruskal's 38b G/D Jeffries | source John Hazlehurst's 38b C/G/D | source Brownified Jeffstone and Pruned Wheatstone | source Morgana's Friend's 38b G/D | source Andrew Collins' 39b C/G | source 40 buttons (mostly Wheatstone variants) Crabb C/G 40b | source David Fabre's 40b C/G | source Howard Jones' 40b C/G | source 41+ buttons Jeffries C/G 45b | source Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne's CG Jeffries 45b | source Non-Anglo layouts Maybe useful to someone, but not relevant to this thread; including here just for fun. Wicki/Hayden 46 Crane 48 | source Maccann 46 | source Bandoneon 1 Bandoneon 2 | source Chemnitzer | source, via David Carlsfelder | source, via David D/G 2.4-row, 12 bass melodeon (my ideal layout for a club-style melodeon. Based on Paul Young's) That's all for now; I'll add to this thread when I've got more. Please feel free to add your own.
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