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Found 2 results

  1. This chart was originally handwritten by Dennis Gentofte and enclosed in the muslin concertina bag with my 18 button Hohner English concertina. It shows the 18 button concertinas right and left hand buttons and 3 scales. I have made it available for anyone who would like to have it. Many thanks to Dennis, and this forum. 18 Button English Mini Concertina.pdf
  2. I recently saw an enquiry about Frank Butler's second tutor book and rummaged through my collection because I knew I had something else other than the first tutor book but I was unable to find the booklet sized publication anywhere. As so often happens I found it by accident this morning tucked inside a larger book. This isn't very exciting, an A5 sized booklet that looks as if it was printed on a Gestetner duplicating machine but some of the arrangements might be of interest to someone. There are individual scans of the booklet and a PDF of the whole thing. Concertina Mini-Tunes. Edited and Arranged by Frank Butler. PDF. Pete. Edit: links removed as there may be copyright issues I was unaware of.
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